Yelobites Melaka - Noto Honey House

Just finished your workout badminton and feeling thirsty and tired? Craving a drink that can recharge your energy? Don't limit yourself to 100 Plxs or Cxca-Cxla anymore!  YeloBites is proud to introduce our new Honey Lemon Beverage, offering a unique flavor and health benefits. heartyes


enlightenedOur Honey Lemon Beverage is not just an energy booster, but also a thirst-quencher and immune booster. With carefully selected natural honey and fresh lemon, it delivers a refreshing and rich taste that revitalizes you.  The natural sugars and minerals in honey quickly replenish your tired body, helping you regain vitality.


Alongside the Honey Lemon Beverage, we offer a variety of delicious food and cookies snacks to meet all your replenishment needs.


Visit YeloBites now and experience our Honey Lemon Beverage and the diverse food options. They not only replenish your energy and boost your immune system, but also provide a delightful and healthy treat! laugh

Address : 7003, Jalan PBR 38, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Rambai Fasa 4, 75260 Melaka (Waze can search : Smazh Sport Planet - Bukit Rambai)

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